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5 years ago

What's new in 🐿?

Dotnetcore2.0 support!

A big thanks for @mhart for building the DotnetCore2.0 Docker container

Several other bug fixes and improvement. Thanks to the amazing community of contributors who had found bugs, sent pull requests, and in general, use this tool ❤️

Update to latest version

npm update -g aws-sam-local


453c34a Allow debugger args to be passed to via environment variable (#307)
89ed4e3 Merge pull request #228 from TatchNicolas/hotfix-howto
4e35dc4 Merge branch 'develop' into hotfix-howto
acaae37 Merge pull request #265 from tgfjt/patch-1
c3cbe60 Merge branch 'develop' into patch-1
7f7ba7e Merge pull request #313 from SAPessi/develop
26f373b Merge branch 'develop' into develop
c37ddc5 Merge pull request #241 from deddu/develop
9e7e9c6 Merge branch 'develop' into develop
7aab176 Merge pull request #246 from danielwhatmuff/develop
1e767fa Merge branch 'develop' into develop
edd30f8 Merge pull request #215 from wtbgas/patch-1
7494e8e Merge branch 'develop' into patch-1
d8f7568 Merge pull request #256 from BeardedSteve/develop
b2e2e59 Merge branch 'develop' into develop
f700f68 Merge pull request #235 from frob/patch-1
cf94e9b Merge branch 'develop' into patch-1
2c7cf78 Merge pull request #250 from shinichy/develop
04d200e Merge branch 'develop' into develop
2b3813b Merge pull request #218 from ollyjshaw/document_validate
4d22ec4 Merge branch 'develop' into document_validate
5fc9da3 Merge pull request #273 from awslabs/upstreamDevelop
14e33d6 Merge branch 'develop' into upstreamDevelop
5a9b704 Merge pull request #309 from crx/readme-swagger-inline
15002a3 Merge branch 'develop' into readme-swagger-inline
5fd075c Merge pull request #311 from mhart/add-dotnetcore2.0
e25ff0c Addressing Swagger YAML issue reported in #275.
bf81186 Merge branch 'develop' into develop
9f9ba56 Add .NET Core 2.0 support
84f9e82 Update README to mark inline Swagger as supported
aa5bddc Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/develop' into develop
7ed321a Merge pull request #288 from teknogeek0/teknogeek0-upgrade-command
541fcc1 removing space
4611fd7 update to add upgrade instructions per CLI's nag
9746025 Create a new event in mount.go and pass it to Handler
2293b5d Check if body is not a valid utf8 string before encoding it to base64.
2cbfe32 Ignore an empty Accept header
967104a Call mime.ParseMediaType(contentType) once outside of the loop
f1c4c49 Add samples/hello-world/golang example (#276)
a6fcaec Empty string check when comparing binary media types
a5567fd Check Accept media type to decide whether to decode the base64 body or not
98a4d31 Add IsBase64Encoded to the Event struct
14160e2 Use mime.ParseMediaType instead of exact match when comparing Contetn-Type
bf0922b Adding Go Lambda function example
d92644b Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into develop
4275487 Fix format of package.json
c097ce1 changed event names to match operation
0cf2b6e added python API event event source sample
a208898 Add binary support
6ada78b Merge branch 'develop' into develop
4da7f7f fixing erroneous newline
fbfb225 adds support for cloudformation configuration.json by passing content of key Parameters to all functions
0a35154 Update
31e83eb Removed output line from review feedback
c8a71f6 Fixed issue reported in #225. Swagger mounts that don't have a function associated to them are automatically assigned an error handler. Function data is carried over from Function mount when merging
47721f0 Change OR operator to ternary operator
a83c187 link to the CF/SAM schema
69c3a58 Update the readme to reflect validate functionality
2ab9484 Some useful but import info for debugging SAMLocal
28eacbd add new sam local banner (#17)

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