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Supports Nodejs 8.10

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4 years ago

This release adds supports for Nodejs 8.10 and fixes a minor issue with compatibility with API Gateway X-Forwarded-For headers

Update to latest version

npm update -g aws-sam-local

Big thanks @mhart for adding Node 8.10 container and sending a pull request!


290b208 Merge pull request #339 from SAPessi/develop
c9bdb4b Merge branch 'develop' into develop
2844be1 Merge pull request #344 from mhart/add-nodejs.810
ee1789f Merge branch 'develop' into add-nodejs.810
520fd02 Merge pull request #345 from mhart/update-debug-flags
e33c658 Update debug flags to match latest on live Lambda
af5ad08 Add support for the Node.js 8.10 Runtime
0aeacd7 Added Forward headers similar to API Gateway's. Helps address awslabs/aws-serverless-java-container#138
ffcd2e5 Adding standard files (#335)

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