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5 years ago

What's new in 🐿?

A lot of cool new features! We are now 0.2.0, just 8 minor versions closer to milestone 1.0!

  • Serve static files directly through SAM Local. If you are building a serverless website, use --static-dir to point to JS, CSS, Images or HTML files. They will be directly served to your browser along with any APIs backed by Lambda functions
  • Point CodeUri to zip/jar files. Java users, I can already see the smile in your faces 🤓
  • SAM Local CLI now uses the new and improved GoFormation library. Fixes all old YAML template parsing bugs and adds loads of new features
  • Bug fixes

A big thanks to every one of you for bug reports, PRs, Stars and love ❤️

Update to latest version

npm update -g aws-sam-local


f17d0ff Goformation 1.0.0 (#79)
269b612 Static assets (#76)
8edcd3c Merge pull request #77 from PaulMaddox/incorrect-header
68a822d Merge branch 'develop' into incorrect-header
62172a0 Merge pull request #78 from PaulMaddox/is-there-such-thing-as-too-many-badges
f6a2a7f Added some README bling
23fcfe0 'Headers' in API event source should be 'headers'. Fixes #64.
ffe3c59 Merge branch 'develop' of into develop
9e2b864 Merge pull request #75 from PaulMaddox/packaged-codeuri
d21bd63 Merge branch 'develop' of into develop
2699c37 Merge branch 'develop' into packaged-codeuri
52b312c Added on the fly unzipping of packaged archives if the CodeUri ends with .jar or .zip. Fixes #37
8b0d21b Fixed runtime container working directory bug (#74)
18e2574 Point travis badge on README to develop branch
c3266f1 Added TravisCI configuration
d4773f9 Fixed runtime container working directory that caused it to be an empty string if the CodeUri was set to something that wasn't a valid directory.
64de79a Support for changing Docker Volume Basedir (#47)
942edeb Made responses in Getting Started code into valid Proxy Integration r… (#68)
e2dbb8f Adding tests for getEnvironmentVariables (#62)

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