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Support for Docker Proxy

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3 years ago

Support for Docker Proxy

Support users who sit behind a proxy and have configured their proxy settings in docker configuration file ~/.docker/config.json to pass their traffic through proxy servers. eg: pypi proxy

We have also added some improvements:

  • Support for Stage Name and Stage Variables in sam local start-api
  • Support for Multi-Value Headers and Query String Parameters in sam local start-api


  • AppVeyor to run unit tests & linters (#1207)
  • Support for Multi-Value Headers and Query String Parameters (#741)
  • docs: Readme improvements (#1210)
  • chore: Docker SDK minimum version should be 3.7.0 (#1214)
  • fix: Support passing docker proxy config (#1196)
  • feat(AppSync): Allow build to recognize AppSync resources for path resources (#898)
  • chore(python3.8): Add Python3.8 to Travis builds (#1222)
  • remove(docs): Remove docs folder within the repo (#1221)
  • feat(start-api) Support stage name and stage variables (#1203)
  • chore: bump version to 0.18.0 (#1256)
  • fix: encoding on files read for publish integ tests (#1264)

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