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Support for Nodejs10.x Lambda Runtime

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3 years ago

Locally invoke, test and debug your Nodejs10.x Lambda functions in SAM CLI!

sam build now also supports building an individual Lambda Function by providing its Logical ID to the command. If your template file contains a lambda function resource with name HelloWorldFunction you can now build the function directly as follows.

sam build HelloWorldFunction

In addition, we have made improvements to the CLIs installation time for Brew by providing Bottles.


fix(init): Default all configuration to dotnetcore2.1 for dotnetcore (#1133)
fix go-delve URL (#1142)
feat(build): Build a single function (#1146)
feat(layers): Layer Downloader will use AWS_CA_BUNDLE if it exists (#1143)
Validate API Gateway Response Keys (#1154)
chore(version): version bump to 0.16.0 (#1167)
feat(nodejs10): support new nodejs10 runtime (#1175)

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