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DotNetCore Build Support

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3 years ago

sam build now supports building Lambda Functions with DotNetCore 2.0 and 2.1 runtimes.

We have also added some improvements:


  • feat: add support for building dotnetcore runtimes (#1039)
  • perf: Add Docker Delegated Consistency to Volume (#1046)
  • build(gradle): Adding specific configuration for gradle projects using kotlin build scripts (#1098)
  • fix: fixed Contributors (#1091)
  • fix: Fix context doc URL of Ruby runtime (#1090)
  • fix: Print error message when Docker is not running on sam build --use-container (#1075)
  • feat(install): Add snapcraft config and link to snap package in README (#1086)
  • feat: Error on --use-container for dotnet builds (#1096)
  • fix(init): Add runtime to template when dotnetcore runtime is asked for (#1107)
  • fix(dotnet): init dependencies to latest (#1108)
  • chore(version): set 0.14.3.dev1 version (#1112)
  • fix(build): Resolve path after .aws-sam is created (#1110)
  • Design and implementation for producing debug build artifacts (#1095)
  • fix(dotnet): init template fixes (#1117)
  • chore(version): set 0.15.0 (#1125)
  • Bumping to Lambda Builders 0.3.0 (#1129)
  • fix(func-tests): add dependency manager param (#1130)

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