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Python3.7 Debugging support

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4 years ago

This release adds support for step through debugging of your Python3.7 Lambda Functions. We have some bug fixes as well:

  • Maven builder can be run on Windows without the need to use --use-container flag.
  • Java8 Gradle init example now includes the Gradle wrapper jar.
  • Golang init creates the example Lambda.


  • modify invalid golang template path (#1057)
  • fix(init): Add Gradle wrapper jar to init template (#1060)
  • fix: Skip test_invoke_with_docker_network_of_host_in_env_var on windows (#1054)
  • chore: Bump aws-lambda-builers to 0.2.1 (#1068)
  • feat(debug): Enable debugging for Python37 (#1055)
  • chore: Version bump SAM CLI to 0.14.0 (#1076)

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