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Build Java functions using Gradle

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4 years ago

What's New?

You can now use the sam build command to create deployment packages for AWS Lambda functions written in Java using the Gradle build tool.

Huge shoutout to @dagnir for contributing the Gradle builder


  • Accept non-integer statusCode JSON values (#1013)
  • feat(build): Support for building Java functions using Gradle (#1007)
  • tests(integ): adding integ test for aws config and profile env vars (#1004)
  • feat: allow sam to be invoked as a module (#987)
  • refactor(build): Move workflow config information into its own file (#1001)
  • chore: Bump aws-sam-transform to 1.9.1 (#990)
  • docs: Fix Nodejs references in Python Cookiecutter README (#986)
  • fix(init): Make template spacing consistent (#962)
  • docs(init): typo fix in Go (#971)

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