github aws/aws-sam-cli v0.11.0
Simpler quickstarts, doc updates, and bug fixes

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4 years ago

What's New?

This release contains numerous improvements throughout the CLI, including simpler hello world quickstarts, doc updates, removing unnecessary compression when building a layer image for invoking, and cleaning up build containers.


  • fix(publish): fix integ test metadata and templates (#982)
  • fix(publish): fix failing integ tests due to .rst to .md file changes (#981)
  • chore(release): Bump version to 0.11.0 (#979)
  • refactor(logging): Add additional information when function not found (#977)
  • fix: update license key in setup() to expected value by PyPi (#966)
  • chore: add required options for package and deploy (#961)
  • feat(layers): remove compression of docker context (#862)
  • docs: remove maxage off badges (#943)
  • fix: translate paths in SAR metadata during sam build (#935)
  • docs: update sam package command in cookiecutter docs (#919)
  • fix(build): cleanup build containers (#929)
  • refactor: simplify built-in quickstarts to a simple hello world (#849)
  • feat(invoke): reading Metadata adding to Resources in a template (#907)
  • docs(design): Debugging .NET Core Lambda Functions (#759)
  • refactor: fix grammar in log statement (#800)
  • docs(design): sam publish command (#844)
  • fix links to .md files (#915)
  • chore: remove dangling rst file (#905)
  • fix: formatting to md from rst (#891)

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