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Build Ruby functions and publish apps to the AWS Serverless Application Repository

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4 years ago

What's new?

You can now use sam build to compile deployment packages for AWS Lambda functions written in supported Ruby runtimes. Huge shout-out to @awood45 for this contribution!

You can now also use the new sam publish command to publish your serverless application to the AWS Serverless Application Repository, a managed repository for serverless applications. The AWS Serverless Application Repository enables teams, organizations, and individual developers to store and share reusable applications, and easily assemble and deploy serverless architectures in powerful new ways. To publish an application using SAM CLI, first define necessary application details like application name, description, semantic version, and license information using the AWS::ServerlessRepo::Application Key in the Metadata section of your SAM template. Then, use the sam publish command to make your application available in the AWS Serverless Application Repository for others to consume. To learn more, please visit the sam publish documentation. Huge shout-out to @paoptu023 for this contribution!


  • Implement sam publish app command (#852)
  • Add Ruby to Supported Runtime Enum (#866)
  • fix: Flush stdout and stderr on each write when debugging (#843)
  • chore(version): bump version to 0.10.0 (#881)

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