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5 years ago

What's new in 🐿 ?

  • Fixes missing region when invoking a Python Lambda function (#48)
  • GoFormation won't choke on intrinsic functions (at least for most part). Follow for exciting rewrite of the Go CloudFormation parser.
  • Bunch of new Readme goodness

Update to latest version

npm update -g aws-sam-local


92900aa Merge pull request #56 from sanathkr/develop
a686243 Don't set region if not configured in CLI. Fixes #48
a07d167 Update Readme: Docker file sharing need to be enabled (#44)
e3b6a17 Update - Fix docker for mac link (#51)
d242386 New goformation version removing unnecessary tag reading. Fixes #30 (#32)
9b99797 Updated testing instructions in Contributing Guide (#42)
3b46945 Fix typo in HOWTO under Getting Started Section (#43)
8c47aee If the 'body' returned by a Lambda function is a number, don't choke. (#39)
359ff62 Merge pull request #33 from alexcasalboni/patch-1
c3ec68b Update
f7c40e3 Updated goformation to be a properly vendored dependency now that the (#31)
a4e5c23 Environment variable override file should use function logical ID for start-api operations (#29)
45d73f4 Merge pull request #23 from sanathkr/develop
3c03f0a Merge pull request #26 from sanathkr/JoinIssue
e1042a6 !Join fails validation because of missing colon in regex. Fixes #25
533d6bc Don't check for updates on dev builds
c55d5d6 add new sam local banner (#17)
779b845 Merge pull request #14 from sanathkr/develop
c135ac2 Updating NPM publish script to add to the package
178d80b Merge pull request #13 from sanathkr/master
ce7be5f Fixing debug log print when checking package version. Fixes #11

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