github aws/amazon-ssm-agent 2.3.1319.0
Amazon SSM Agent - Release 2.3.1319.0 - 2020-05-28

  • Updated to include amazon-ssm-agent.json config definitions
  • Bug fix for reporting ConfigurePackage metrics for document archive
  • Added backoff for CloudWatch retries
  • Cleaned up error codes and handling dependency errors
  • Bug fix for logging http response status when dialing of websocket connection fails
  • SSM Agent team has modified the order of deployment in order to finish deploying to all regions first and then deploy to the global bucket at the end. In order to get access to the latest version of SSM Agent please use the regional buckets:
latest releases: 3.0.755.0, 3.0.732.0, 3.0.655.0...
9 months ago