github ava-labs/subnet-evm v0.6.6

5 days ago

This version is backwards compatible to v0.6.0. It is optional, but encouraged.

The plugin version is unchanged at 35 and is compatible with AvalancheGo versions v1.11.3-v1.11.7.


  • eth_getActiveRulesAt changed to show avalancheRules, ethRules, and precompiles at given timestamp (current header time if not specified). precompiles now will show the precompile name, rather than the address.
  • Deprecated eth_getActivatedPrecompilesAt in favor of eth_getActiveRulesAt


  • Updated minimum Golang version to 1.21.11
  • Updated AvalancheGo library version to 1.11.7


  • Fixed a case in state sync that leads to writing to a closed channel when a storage trie splits into segments.

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Full Changelog: v0.6.5...v0.6.6

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