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This version is backwards compatible to v0.6.0. It is optional, but encouraged.

The plugin version is unchanged at 35 and is compatible with AvalancheGo versions v1.11.3-v1.11.5.


  • Added new eth_getActiveRulesAt internal-blockchain API.


  • Deprecated tx-lookup-limit in favor of transaction-history


  • Updated AvalancheGo version to v1.11.5
  • Updated minimum go version to 1.21.9
  • Synced and updated Geth version to v1.13.2
  • Introduced EUpgrade (Cancun), activated in local networks by default


  • Fixed transaction indexes are not being properly deleted in state sync
  • Fixed "local-txs-enabled" flag being not respected in mempool
  • Removed CI requirements of access tokens in public forks, thus failing public PRs from forks
  • Fix a race in snapshot abort/generate

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Full Changelog: v0.6.3...v0.6.4

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