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3 months ago

The AvalancheGo dependency is updated to v1.11.0 in this release, making it compatible with RPCChainVM Protocol Version 33 (changed from previous release).

The Subnet-EVM activates the following upgrades at the same time as the Durango Upgrade:

AWM in Subnet-EVM (ACP-30)
Events in Precompiles (PRs #961, #963, #967, #968)
Manager Role (PR #801)
Non-strict mode unpack (PR #1023)
Shanghai Upgrade (ACP-24)
Note: Warp Precompile must be explicitly activated through upgrade configs for AWM support in Subnet-EVM. See here for more information.

The changes in the upgrade go into effect at 11 AM ET (4 PM UTC) on Wednesday, March 6th, 2024 on Mainnet.

All Mainnet Subnet-EVM nodes must upgrade before 11 AM ET, March 6th 2024.

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