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5 years ago


onDragStart: Getting the timing right

Summary: we have made the timings of the DragDropContext > Hook functions more consistent, created a new hook: onBeforeDragStart and created a guide for hooks

We keep having timing issues popping up relating to onDragStart. It can break some use cases if it is called before we update the Draggable and Droppable components, and it can break some use cases if it is called after. Rather than trying to make onDragStart work for both cases we have created a new hook: onBeforeDragStart.

onDragStart, onDragUpdate and onDragEnd are now called consistantly after the Draggable and Droppable components have been updated. If you need to do some work just before Draggable and Droppable components have their initial snapshot values updated, then you can use onBeforeDragUpdate.

We have created a guide for hooks which explains all of the hooks in detail and the timings in which the hooks are called.

This is a breaking change 💥. It has been listed as a breaking change as it will break consumers who are following our dimension locking table reordering strategry.


  • Fixing broken test file name which caused repository cloning errors in some environments #697. There was a backspace character in a filename? I know! Thanks @lukebatchelor for the fix, @TrySound for your input and @pashadow for raising the issue


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