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Getting started course released #363 🤩

We have created a free course on to help people get started with react-beautiful-dnd as quickly as possible. Even if you have been using react-beautiful-dnd for a while, you may still learn something new - especially in the later lessons

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  • The DragDropContext > onDragStart hook is now called before the first render of a Draggable or Droppable during a drag #676. This fixes usages of dimension locking for table reordering. This restores the timing behaviour of 7.x
  • Now correctly consuming the redux v4.0 flowtyped definitions #650. This was causing issues for users of redux with v4.0 defintions. Thanks for raising this @chmanie!

Engineering health

  • Enabled 2FA on npm for all publishes 👍
  • Bumping dev dependencies #673, #635. Thanks @TrySound
  • Moving to test cafe for browser testing #661. As a result of this we are now running browser tests that perform mouse, keyboard and touch dragging. We are also running these tests in chrome: headless and firefox: headless which is pretty awesome 🎸. Thanks @RajaBellebon and @MarshallOfSound for getting this added.
  • Adding build check to ensure that yarn.lock files are checked in #655. Thanks @MarshallOfSound
  • Removing object-rest-spread plugin from dev dependencies #635. Thanks @TrySound

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