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6 years ago


Getting (more) serious about the CSS Box Model 📦#471

This is an internal cleanup

Over time our internal css box model representation has grown increasingly sophisticated. As a part of this release we have pulled this logic out into its own repo.

Introducing css-box-model 📦

A new micro library which provides detailed CSS Box Model information for a HTMLElement. Any time you are using Element.getBoundingClientRect() you might want to consider using css-box-model. The library is stand alone so you can use it in your own unrelated projects.

react-beautiful-dnd now leverages css-box-model heavily #471. By doing this we where able to move a lot of css box model logic and tests out of the project. This has helped make the box model logic itself more robust as well as making the react-beautiful-dnd project easier to follow


  • A Droppable that is itself scrollable will now work correctly #461. Thanks @izorg for raising this one. (This bug was the catalyst for #471)


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