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6 years ago


This resulted in a patch version change


  • Upgrading flow to version 0.68. Thanks @TrySound for your large efforts in making this a reality! Thanks also to @SimenB for jumping on the review!
  • Upgrading all dependencies to the latest versions #402 .
  • Upgrading dependencies flow versions and adding esm builds to them to improve code sharing (alexreardon/memoize-one#19, alexreardon/raf-schd#8)
  • No longer using console.log for debug information in development environments #402.
  • Publishing flow definitions in esm build #402 (Previously was just in the lib build)

Thanks @Blasz for a number of reviews

Reminder: React 16 upgrade coming soon! 💥

We will be moving to a streamlined React 16 api very soon #202. You can expect a breaking change which forces a minimum version of React 16.2 in the next little while. At this stage we are not planning on being backwards compatible with older versions of React. If you have any thoughts you would like to share please head to #202.

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