github atlassian/react-beautiful-dnd v2.6.3

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6 years ago

This release is primarily concerned with knocking off some engineering health tasks


  • Upgrading raf-schd dependency to 2.0.2 to avoid flow warning. Thanks @IanVS for the pull request!


  • Upgrading flow from 0.520.59. Previously we were blocked by doing this by an issue with the react eslint plugin. If you are consuming the flow code you will probably now need to move to the latest flow version also #37
  • Upgrading all dependencies and dev dependencies to latest versions - except for react which is still on 15. #181
  • Moving from blacklisting files for npm publishing to whitelisting. This will prevent unneeded files being published to npm #181
  • Moving to fuzzy dependencies #166
  • Setting up greenkeeper to help promote dependency health #182
  • Assorted documentation improvements and updates

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