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6 years ago


A more natural drop target

The Draggable you are over during a mouse drag is now based on the center position of the Draggable rather than the mouse selection point. #93 This brings it in line with the behaviour for Draggables moving out of the way of other Draggables in aDroppable. This is a more natural behaviour which bases the impact of a drag on the center of a Draggable. Technically I think this should have always been the case given the libraries emphasis on using the center of gravity for impacts - which is why this was listed as a patch release rather than a minor version. In hindsight I think this should have been a minor version. This one is a little grey. Anyway, enjoy!

Old behaviour New behaviour
droppable-hover-old mov-scaled-0 4 mouse-over-droppable-center mov-scaled-0 4

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