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4 years ago

Overhauled collision engine #930

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In this release we have rewritten our collision engine to better account for mixed sized draggables and droppables.

Mixed sized draggables

Old collision engine New collision engine
large-items-sucked big-item-fixed

Mixed sized droppables

Old collision engine
big-list-broken 2

New collision engine

✍️We wrote a blog which goes deep into the improvements we have made: Overhauling our collision engine

A huge thanks to @caspersmith who helped us find a new approach to doing item collisions 🎉

We have listed this as a minor change as it is an intentional change of behaviour


  • More robust server side rendering (SSR) check to ensure we do not use useLayoutEffect on the server to avoid React warnings. We now use the same strategy as React and Redux. #1636. Thanks @LinusCenterstrom for contributing this one!
  • Removes duplicate code from the dimension locking example #1637. Good catch, @CraigEge!
  • Removes duplicate checks in is-position-in-frame #1635. @danieldelcore, nice 👀

All of these fixes resulted in a patch release (which got absorbed by the minor change

A new maintainer joins the team!

@danieldelcore has been added as a maintainer to rbd. Welcome @danieldelcore ! He greatly assisted in creating our new collision engine 👏

Daniel Del Core joins the fight


A number of Atlassian's helped get this release over the line. Special shout out to:

  • Jake Miller
  • Ee Venn Soh
  • Tamarah Walsh
  • James Rotanson (for the amazing cover art)

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