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5 years ago

Fixes 👩‍⚕️

  • DraggableStateSnapshot and DroppableStateSnapshot are now correctly populated when dropping outside of a Droppable. In 10.1 they where being populated with the home location rather than no location. #1178. Thanks @zmi-jlblatt for finding this one
  • Respecting shouldRespectForceTouch preference for force press touch events that are triggered by some mouse inputs #1192. More information: #1193


  • Fixing broken link in examples page. Thanks @eliotball
  • Updating typo in multi-drag pattern #1171. Thanks @Aarbel
  • Cleaning up the language in our #1202. Thanks @lukyth!

Engineering health 👷‍♀️

  • Refactoring in preparation for hooks 🎣#871 #1188
  • Bumped all devDependencies #1195
  • Moved to flow 0.95.1

(Minor) breaking changes are coming soon 💥

We will soon be publishing 11.0. This will have two minor breaking changes:

  1. Moving React peer dependency from ^16.3.1 to ^16.8.0
  2. shouldRespectForceTouch name change and default swap

More details: #1194

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