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5 years ago


  • Better scroll container detection for the <body> element. Fixes compatability issue with Semantic UI #904. We also wrote a new guide: how we detect scroll containers. Thanks @MohammedAl-Mahdawi for raising this and @seancurtis for helping me work through it.


  • Improved cross axis movement into an empty list #936. Allows for movement of bigger items into a list that might not have enough current space for it. Thanks @lukyth for raising this one!
  • Even more spacing accuracy for different box model configurations #919. Also created a spacing stress test example
  • Adding more detail to issue creation template #934
  • Removing unneeded Array.prototype.find message from docs #933. Thanks @wuweiweiwu!
  • Adding note about styled-components 4.0 api change to docs #926. Thanks @balonsom!!
  • Improvements to #943

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