github asciinema/asciinema v2.0.0

This major release brings many new features, improvements and bugfixes. The most
notable ones:

  • new asciicast v2 file format
  • recording and playback of arbitrarily long session with minimal memory usage
  • ability to live-stream via UNIX pipe: asciinema rec unix.pipe + asciinema play unix.pipe in second terminal tab/window
  • optional stdin recording (asciinema rec --stdin)
  • appending to existing recording (asciinema rec --append <filename>)
  • raw recording mode, storing only stdout bytes (asciinema rec --raw <filename>)
  • environment variable white-listing (asciinema rec --env="VAR1,VAR2...")
  • toggling pause in asciinema play by Space
  • stepping through a recording one frame at a time with . (when playback paused)
  • new asciinema cat <filename> command to dump full output of the recording
  • playback from new IPFS URL scheme: dweb:/ipfs/ (replaces fs:/)
  • lots of other bugfixes and improvements
  • dropped official support for Python 3.3 (although it still works on 3.3)
latest releases: v2.0.2, v2.0.1
2 years ago