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A bug fix release that makes some API clarifications and enables Asciidoctor to be run on any Ruby 2 version. Keep in mind Asciidoctor is only officially supported and tested on Ruby 2.3 or better. However, it's at least possible now for a distribution vendor to provide support for running Asciidoctor on older versions of Ruby 2.


Asciidoctor is also packaged for Fedora, Debian, Ubuntu, Alpine Linux, OpenSUSE, and Homebrew. You can use the system's package manager to install the package named asciidoctor.

Release meta

Released on: 2019-03-31
Released by: @mojavelinux
Release beer: Rye on Rye 6 by Boulevard Brewing

Logs: resolved issues | full diff | issues resolved in 2.0.x (cumulative)


Bug Fixes::

  • allow Asciidoctor to load cleanly on Ruby 2.0 - 2.2 for distributions that provide support for these older Ruby versions
  • make Asciidoctor::Converter::Config.register_for method public as documented
  • remove unused Asciidoctor::Converter::BackendTraits#derive_backend_traits private method
  • move Asciidoctor::Converter::BackendTraits.derive_backend_traits method to Asciidoctor::Converter
  • mark render and render_file methods as deprecated in API docs
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