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This release is intended for Asciidoctor.js to be used as the foundation of the Asciidoctor 1.5.6 release. In addition to fixing compatibility issues with Asciidoctor.js, it includes a few critical fixes and improvements taken from the 1.5.7 development iteration. One of those is the ability to use multiple xref macros on the same line.

The most notable improvement in this release is that the logic for resolving the path of an include directive has been moved to a method. This method is now overridden in Asciidoctor.js in order to properly resolve the path of an include directive in the browser environment.

If you're using Asciidoctor Ruby, you're welcome to upgrade to However, since most of the changes are designed for compatibility with Asciidoctor.js, you won't notice much change and may want to just wait for the 1.5.7 release.


Asciidoctor is also packaged for Fedora, Debian, Ubuntu, Mint, Alpine Linux, and OpenSUSE. Please use the system's package manager to install the package named asciidoctor.


Bug fixes

  • fix match for multiple xref macros w/ implicit text in same line (#2450)
  • PathResolver#root? returns true for absolute URL in browser env (#2595)

Improvements / Refactoring

  • resolve include target correctly in browser (xmlhttprequest IO module) (#2599, #2602)
  • extract method to resolve include path (allowing Asciidoctor.js to override) (#2610)
  • don't expand docdir value passed to API (#2518)
  • check mandatory attributes when creating an image block (#2349)
  • drop is_ prefix from boolean methods in PathResolver (PR #2587)
  • change Reader#replace_next_line to return true
  • organize methods in AbstractNode

Build / Infrastructure

  • clean up dependencies
  • add Ruby 2.5.0 to CI build matrix (PR #2528)
  • update nokogiri to 1.8.0 for ruby >= 2.1 (PR #2380)

Release meta

Released on: 2017-03-20
Released by: @mojavelinux
Release beer: Bonfire WtFO Double IPA

Logs: resolved issues | full diff


A huge thanks to @Mogztter for helping to work out the changes necessary in core to allow the include directive to be properly supported in Asciidoctor.js.

A very special thanks to all the awesome supporters of the Asciidoctor Salt campaign who provided critical funding for the development of this release and the ongoing development of the project.

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