github asciidoctor/asciidoctor v1.5.6.1

This release fixes regressions and integration problems that were introduced in the 1.5.6 release. Mostly notably, compatibility with Asciidoctor Diagram was restored, content in a delimited block after a skipped block is preserved, attributes are substituted in the target of inline image occurring in a section or block title, and an unnecessary warning when attempting to copy the stylesheet is suppressed. We're also happy to report that Travis CI now takes care of releasing the gem to Additional changes can be found in the changelog below.

If you're upgrading from an earlier version, you're advised to skip 1.5.6 and move directly to Downstream projects, such as Asciidoctor.js and AsciidoctorJ, will based their 1.5.6 release on this version rather than 1.5.6.


Asciidoctor is also packaged for Fedora, Debian, Ubuntu, Mint, Alpine Linux, and OpenSUSE. Please use the system's package manager to install the package named asciidoctor.


Bug fixes

  • continue to read blocks inside a delimited block after content is skipped (PR #2318)
  • don't create an empty paragraph for skipped content inside a delimited block (PR #2319)
  • allow the subs argument of Substitutors#apply_subs to be nil
  • coerce group name to symbol when registering extension (#2324)
  • eagerly substitute attributes in target of inline image macro (#2330)
  • don't warn if source stylesheet can't be read but destination already exists (#2323)
  • track include path correctly if path is absolute and outside of base directory (#2107)
  • preprocess second line of setext section title (PR #2321)
  • preprocess second line of setext discrete heading (PR #2332)
  • return filename as relative path if filename doesn't share common root with base directory (#2107)

Improvements / Refactoring

  • change default text for inter-document xref (PR #2316)
  • add additional tests to test behavior of Reader#peek_lines
  • parse revision info line correctly that only has version and remark; add missing test for scenario
  • rename AtxSectionRx constant to AtxSectionTitleRx for consistency with SetextSectionTitleRx constant
  • use terms "atx" and "setext" to refer to section title syntax (PR #2334)
  • rename HybridLayoutBreakRx constant to ExtLayoutBreakRx
  • change terminology from "floating title" to "discrete heading"
  • consolidate skip blank lines and check for end of reader (PR #2325)
  • have Reader#skip_blank_lines report end of file (PR #2325)
  • don't mix return type of Parser.build_block method (PR #2328)
  • don't track eof state in reader (PR #2320)
  • use shift instead of advance to consume line when return value isn't needed (PR #2322)
  • replace terminology "floating title" with "discrete heading"
  • remove unnecessary nil_or_empty? checks in substitutor
  • leverage built-in assert / refute methods in test suite

Build / Infrastructure

  • config Travis CI job to release gem (PR #2333)
  • add SHA1 hash to message used for triggered builds
  • trigger build of AsciidoctorJ on every change to core
  • trigger build of Asciidoctor Diagram on every change to core

Release meta

Released on: 2017-07-23
Released by: @mojavelinux
Release beer: She'brew Double IPA

Logs: resolved issues | full diff


Thanks to the following people who contributed to this release:

@Mogztter, @JBR69, @robertpanzer, @ztmr, and @pepijnve.

Special thanks goes to @vogella for providing additional financial support following the 1.5.6 release.

A very special thanks to all the awesome supporters of the Asciidoctor Salt campaign who provided critical funding for the development of this release and the ongoing development of the project.

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