github asciidoctor/asciidoctor v1.5.4

Primarily a bug fix release that includes numerous improvements to the manpage converter thanks to @ds26gte, upgraded Font Awesome and MathJax components, compatibility changes for Asciidoctor.js and other bug fixes.

During this release cycle, a French translation of the README was contributed by @anthonny and revised by @Mogztter, @gscheibel and @mgreau. The French translation is the first translation of this document.




  • translate README into French (@anthonny, @mogztter, @gscheibel, @mgreau) (#1630)
  • allow linkstyle in manpage output to be configured (#1610)


  • upgrade to MathJax 2.6.0 and disable loading messages
  • upgrade to Font Awesome 4.5.0
  • disable toc if document has no sections (#1633)
  • convert inline asciimath to MathML (using asciimath gem) in DocBook converter (#1622)
  • add attribute to control build reproducibility (@bk2204) (#1453)
  • recognize file:/// as a file root in Opal browser env (#1561)
  • honor icon attribute on admonition block when font-based icons are enabled (@robertpanzer) (#1593)
  • resolve custom icon relative to iconsdir; add file extension if absent (#1634)
  • allow asciidoctor cli to resolve library path when invoked without leading ./


  • allow special section to be nested at any depth (#1591)
  • ensure colpcwidth values add up to 100%; increase precision of values to 4 decimal places (#1647)
  • ignore blank cols attribute on table (#1647)
  • support shorthand syntax for block attributes on document title (#1650)

Bug fixes

  • don't include default toc in AsciiDoc table cell; don't pass toc location attributes to nested document (#1582)
  • guard against nil dlist list item in find_by (#1618)
  • don't swallow trailing line when include file is not readable (#1602)
  • change xlink namespace to xl in DocBook 5 output to prevent parse error (#1597)
  • make callouts globally unique within document, including AsciiDoc table cells (#1626)
  • initialize Slim-related attributes regardless of when Slim was loaded (@terceiro) (#1576)
  • differentiate literal backslash from escape sequence in manpage output (@ds26gte) (#1604)
  • don't mistake line beginning with . for troff macro in manpage output (@ds26gte) (#1589)
  • escape leading dots so user content doesn't trigger troff macros in manpage output (@ds26gte) (#1631)
  • use \c after .URL macro to remove extraneous space in manpage output (@ds26gte) (#1590)
  • fix missing endline after .URL macro in manpage output (#1613)
  • properly handle spacing around .URL/.MTO macro in manpage output (@ds26gte) (#1641)
  • don't swallow doctitle attribute followed by block title (#1587)
  • change strategy for splitting names of author; fixes bug in Opal/Asciidoctor.js
  • don't fail if library is loaded more than once


  • remove trailing endlines in project source code
  • update contributing guidelines
  • explicitly test ifeval scenario raised in issue #1585
  • remove backreference substitution hack for Opal/Asciidoctor.js
  • fix assignment of default Hash value for Opal/Asciidoctor.js
  • add JRuby and Ruby 2.3.0 to the Travis CI build matrix

Release meta

Released on: 2016-01-05
Released by: @mojavelinux
Release beer: Depth-Charged Double Bastard (2015)

Logs: resolved issues | full diff


Thanks to the following people who contributed to this release:

Dorai Sitaram (@ds26gte), Guillaume Grossetie (@mogztter), brian m. carlson (@bk2204), Leif Gruenwoldt (@leif81), Jens Getreu (@getreu), Anthonny Quérouil (@anthonny), Robert Panzer (@robertpanzer), Jean-Michel Bruel (@jmbruel), Guillaume Scheibel (@gscheibel), Dave Smith (@devunwired), Willem Salembier (@wsalembi)

A very special thanks to all the awesome supporters of the Asciidoctor Salt campaign who provided critical funding for the development of this release as well as ongoing development of the project.

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