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A 1.5.x micro substantial release that introduces a few key enhancements as well as many bug fixes, minor improvements and internal changes. Specifically, this release adds advanced support for SVGs, no more swallowed exceptions, a built-in manpage backend, AsciiMath conversion DocBook through integration with the asciimath gem, more understandable docinfo configuration and a slew of fixes and improvements.




  • add support for interactive & inline SVGs (#1301, #1224)
  • add built-in manpage backend (@davidgamba) (#651)
  • create Mallard backend; see asciidoctor-mallard (@bk2204) (#425)
  • add AsciiMath to MathML converter to support AsciiMath in DocBook converter (@pepijnve) (#954)
  • allow text of selected lines to be highlighted in source block by Pygments or CodeRay (#1429)
  • use value of docinfo attribute to control docinfo behavior (#1510)
  • add docinfosubs attribute to control which substitutions are performed on docinfo files (@mogztter) (#405)
  • drop ability to specify multiple attributes with a single -a flag when using the CLI (@mogztter) (#405)
  • make subtitle separator chars for document title configurable (@rmannibucau) (#1350)
  • make XrefInlineRx regexp more permissive (Mathieu Boespflug) (#844)


  • load JavaScript and CSS at bottom of HTML document (@mogztter) (#1238)
  • list available backends in help text (@plaindocs) (#1271)
  • properly expand tabs in literal text (#1170, #841)
  • add source-indent as document attribute (@mogztter) (#1169)
  • upgrade MathJax to 2.5.3 (#1329)
  • upgrade Font Awesome to 4.4.0 (@mogztter) (#1465)
  • upgrade highlight.js to 8.6 (now 8.9.1) (#1390)
  • don't abort if syntax highlighter isn't available (#1253)
  • insert docinfo footer below footer div (#1503)
  • insert toc at default location in embeddable HTML (#1443)
  • replace _ and - in generated alt text for inline images
  • restore attributes to header attributes after parse (#1255)
  • allow docdate and doctime to be overridden (#1495)
  • add CSS class .center for center block alignment (#1456)
  • recognize U+2022 (bullet) as alternative marker for unordered lists (@mogztter) (#1177)
  • allow videos to work for local files by prepending asset-uri-scheme (Chris) (#1320)
  • always assign playlist param when loop option is enabled for YouTube video
  • parse isolated version in revision line (@bk2204) (#790)
  • autoload Tilt when template converter is instantiated (#1313)
  • don't overwrite existing id entry in references table (#1256)
  • use outfilesuffix attribute defined in header when resolving outfile (#1412)
  • make AsciiDoc safe mode option on Slim engine match document (#1347)
  • honor htmlsyntax attribute when backend is html/html5 (#1530)
  • tighten spacing of wrapped lines in TOC (#1542)
  • tune padding around table cells in horizontal dlist (#1418)
  • load Droid Sans Mono 700 in default stylesheet
  • set line height of table cells used for syntax highlighting
  • set font-family of kbd; refine styling (#1423)
  • extract condition into quote_lines? method (@mogztter)
  • extract inline code into read_paragraph method (@mogztter)
  • parent of block in ListItem should be ListItem (#1359)
  • add helper methods to List and ListItem (#1551)
  • add method AbstractNode#add_role and AbstractNode#remove_role (@robertpanzer) (#1366)
  • introduce helper methods for sniffing URIs (#1422)
  • add helper to calculate basename without file extension
  • document -I and -r options in the manual page (@bk2204)
  • fix --help output text for -I (@bk2204)
  • don't require open-uri-cached if already loaded
  • do not attempt to scan pattern of non-existent directory in template converter
  • prevent CodeRay from bolding every 10th line number


  • use <sup> for footnote reference in text instead of <span> (#1523)
  • fix alignment of wrapped text in footnote (#1524)
  • include full stop after footnote number in embeddable HTML
  • show manpage title & name section in embeddable HTML (#1179)
  • resolve missing attribute in ifeval to empty string (#1387)
  • support unbreakable & breakable options on table (rockyallen) (#1140)

Bug fixes

  • don't truncate exception stack in Asciidoctor.load (#1248)
  • don't fail to save cause of Java exception (@robertpanzer) (#1458)
  • fix precision error in timings report (#1342)
  • resolve regexp for inline macro lazily (#1336)
  • block argument to find_by should filter results (#1393)
  • strip comment lines in indented text of dlist item (#1537)
  • preserve escaped delimiter at end of line in a table (#1306)
  • correctly calculate colnames for implicit columns (#1556)
  • don't crash if colspan exceeds colspec (#1460)
  • account for empty records in colspec (#1375)
  • ignore empty cols attribute on table
  • use .inspect to print MathJax delimiters (again) (#1198)
  • use while loop instead of begin/while loop to address bug in Asciidoctor.js (#1408)
  • force encoding of attribute values passed from cli (#1191)
  • don't copy css if stylesheet or stylesdir is a URI (#1400)
  • fix invalid color value in default CodeRay theme
  • built-in writer no longer fails if output is nil (#1544)
  • custom template engine options should take precedence
  • fallback to require with a non-relative path to support Debian package (@mogztter)
  • pass opts to recursive invocations of PathResolver#system_path
  • fix and test external links in docbook backend
  • use format symbol :html instead of :html5 for Slim to fix warnings
  • fix documentation for inline_macro and block_macro (Andrea Bedini)
  • fix grammar in warning messages regarding thread_safe gem


  • migrate opal_ext from core to Asciidoctor.js (#1517)
  • add Ruby 2.2 to CI build; only specify minor Ruby versions
  • enable containerized builds on Travis CI
  • add config to run CI build on AppVeyor
  • exclude benchmark folder from gem (#1522)

Release meta

Released on: 2015-10-31
Released by: @mojavelinux
Release beer: St Bernardus Abt 12

Logs: resolved issues | full diff


Thanks to the following people who contributed to this release:

Jakub Jirutka (@jirutka), roel van steenberghe (@roelvs), Chris K Wensel (@cwensel), Konrad Malawski (@ktoso), Tobias Roeser (@lefou), Thomas Kern (@nerk), Robert Panzer (@robertpanzer), Katrina Owen (@kytrinyx), Pepijn Van Eeckhoudt (@pepijnve), Kendall Clark (@kendall), Alex Soto (@lordofthejars), Abel Salgado Romero (@abelsromero), Bela Hausmann (@and3k), Rob Winch (@rwinch), Mathieu Boespflug (@mboes), Chris (@crydalch), Jason Rose-Kuhrt (@jasonkuhrt), brian m. carlson (@bk2204), David Baldwin (@davebaldwin), Samual Wright (@plaindocs), David Gamba (@davidgamba), Stephen Hay (@stephenhay), Sol Bekic (@s0lll0s), Jakub Nawalaniec (@pielgrzym), Bruce Momjian (@bmomjian), Phil Webb (@philwebb), James Carlson (@jxxcarlson), Joel C. Salomon (@jcsalomon), Guillaume Grossetie (@mogztter), Sarah White (@graphitefriction), Ken Dreyer (@ktdreyer)

A very special thanks to all the awesome supporters of the Asciidoctor Salt campaign who provided critical funding for the development of this release as well as ongoing development of the project.

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