github asciidoctor/asciidoctor v1.5.2

A 1.5.x micro release that introduce bug fixes, minor enhancements and improvements and internal changes. This release introduces several improvements to docinfo, including better encoding support, configurable docinfo directory and a docinfo extension point.



  • add docinfo extension (@mogztter) (#1162)
  • allow docinfo to be in separate directory from content, specified by docinfodir attribute (@mogztter) (#511)
  • enable TeX equation auto-numbering if eqnums attribute is set (@jxxcarlson) (#1110)


  • recognize -- as valid line comment for callout numbers; make line comment configurable (#1068)
  • upgrade highlight.js to version 8.4 (#1216)
  • upgrade Font Awesome to version 4.2.0 (@clojens) (#1201)
  • define JAVASCRIPT_PLATFORM constant to simplify conditional logic in the JavaScript environment (#897)
  • provide access to destination directory, outfile and outdir via Document object (#1203)
  • print encoding information in version report produced by asciidoctor -v (#1210)
  • add intrinsic attribute named cpp with value C++ (#1208)
  • preserve URI targets passed to stylesheet and related attributes (#1192)
  • allow numeric characters in block attribute name (#1103)
  • support custom YouTube playlists (#1105)
  • make start number for unique id generation configurable (#1148)
  • normalize and force UTF-8 encoding of docinfo content (#831)
  • allow subs and default_subs to be specified in Block constructor (#749)
  • enhance error message when reading binary input files (@mogztter) (#1158)
  • add append method as alias to << method on AbstractBlock (#1085)
  • assign value of preface-title as title of preface node (#1090)
  • fix spacing around checkbox in checklist (#1138)
  • automatically load Slim's include plugin when using slim templates (@jirutka) (#1151)
  • mixin Slim helpers into execution scope of slim templates (@jirutka) (#1143)
  • improve DocBook output for manpage doctype (@bk2204) (#1134, #1142)


  • substitute attribute entry value in attributes defined outside of header (#1130)
  • allow empty cell to appear at end of table row (#1106)
  • only produce one row for table in CSV or DSV format with a single cell (#1180)

Bug fixes

  • add explicit to_s call to generate delimiter settings for MathJax config (#1198)
  • fix includes that reference absolute Windows paths (#1144)
  • apply DSL to extension block in a way compatible with Opal


Release meta

Released on: 2014-11-27
Released by: @mojavelinux
Release beer: Avery 5 Monks

Logs: resolved issues | full diff

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