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This is a stable release of Asciidoctor. The focus of this release is on the first draft of the extensions API, properly tracking nested includes and resolving them relative to the current include, adding a backend for DocBook 5, squeezing out the last few known AsciiDoc compliance issues, additional compatibility with Markdown and continuing to evolve the AsciiDoc syntax.

This release is 15% faster than 0.1.3.



  • updated xref inline macro to support inter-document references (#417)
  • added extension API for document processing (#79)
  • added include directive processor extension (#100)
  • added id and role shorthand for formatted (quoted) text (#517)
  • added shorthand syntax for specifying block options (#481)
  • added support for checklists in unordered list (#200)
  • added support for inline style for unordered lists (#620)
  • added DocBook 5 backend (#411)
  • added docinfo option for footer (#486)
  • added Pygments as source highlighter option (pygments) (#538)
  • added icon inline macro (#529)
  • recognize implicit table header row (#387)
  • uri can be used in inline image (#470)
  • add float attribute to inline image (#616)
  • allow role to be specified on text enclosed in backticks (#419)
  • added XML comment-style callouts for use in XML listings (#582)
  • made callout bullets non-selectable in HTML output (#478)
  • pre-wrap literal blocks, added nowrap option to listing blocks (#303)
  • skip (retain) missing attribute references by default (#523)
  • added attribute-missing attribute to control how a missing attribute is handled (#495)
  • added attribute-undefined attribute to control how an undefined attribute is handled (#495)
  • permit !name syntax for undefining attribute (#498)
  • ignore front matter used by static site generators if skip-front-matter attribute is set (#502)
  • sanitize contents of HTML title element in html5 backend (#504)
  • support toc position for toc2 (#467)
  • cli accepts multiple files as input (@lordofthejars) (#227)
  • added Markdown-style horizontal rules and pass Markdown tests (#455)
  • added float clearing classes (.clearfix, .float-group) (#602)
  • don't disable syntax highlighting when explicit subs is used on listing block
  • asciidoctor package now available in Debian Sid and Ubuntu Saucy (@avtobiff) (#216)


  • embed CSS by default, copy stylesheet when linkcss is set unless copycss! is set (#428)
  • refactor reader to track include stack (#572)
  • made include directive resolve relative to current file (#572)
  • track include stack to enforce maximum depth (#581)
  • fixed greedy comment blocks and paragraphs (#546)
  • enable toc and numbered by default in DocBook backend (#540)
  • ignore comment lines when matching labeled list item (#524)
  • correctly parse footnotes that contain a URL (#506)
  • parse manpage metadata, output manpage-specific HTML, set docname and outfilesuffix (#488, #489)
  • recognize preprocessor directives on first line of AsciiDoc table cell (#453)
  • include directive can retrieve data from uri if allow-uri-read attribute is set (#445)
  • support escaping attribute list that precedes formatted (quoted) text (#421)
  • made improvements to list processing (#472, #469, #364)
  • support percentage for column widths (#465)
  • substitute attributes in docinfo files (#403)
  • numbering no longer increments on unnumbered sections (#393)
  • fixed false detection of list item with hyphen marker
  • skip include directives when processing comment blocks
  • added xmlns to root element in docbook45 backend, set noxmlns attribute to disable
  • added a Compliance module to control compliance-related behavior
  • added linkattrs feature to AsciiDoc compatibility file (#441)
  • added level-5 heading to AsciiDoc compatibility file (#388)
  • added new XML-based callouts to AsciiDoc compatibility file
  • added absolute and uri image target matching to AsciiDoc compatibility file
  • added float attribute on inline image macro to AsciiDoc compatibility file
  • removed linkcss in AsciiDoc compatibility file
  • fixed fenced code entry in compatibility file

Bug Fixes

  • lowercase attribute names passed to API (#508)
  • numbered can still be toggled even when enabled in API (#393)
  • allow JRuby Map as attributes (#396)
  • don't attempt to highlight callouts when using CodeRay and Pygments (#534)
  • correctly calculate line length in Ruby 1.8 (#167)
  • write to specified outfile even when input is stdin (#500)
  • only split quote attribution on first comma in Markdown blockquotes (#389)
  • don't attempt to print render times when doc is not rendered
  • don't recognize line with four backticks as a fenced code block (#611)


  • upgraded Font Awesome to 3.2.1 (#451)
  • improved the built-in CodeRay theme to match Asciidoctor styles
  • link to CodeRay stylesheet if linkcss is set (#381)
  • style the video block (title & margin) (#590)
  • added Groovy, Clojure, Python and YAML to floating language hint
  • only process callouts for blocks in which callouts are found
  • added content_model to AbstractBlock, rename buffer to lines
  • use Untitled as document title in rendered output if document has no title
  • rename include-depth attribute to max-include-depth, set 64 as default value (#591)
  • the tag attribute can be used on the include directive to identify a single tagged region
  • output multiple authors in HTML backend (#399)
  • allow multiple template directories to be specified, document in usage and manpage (#437)
  • added option to cli to specify template engine (#406)
  • added support for external video hosting services in video block macro (@xcoulon) (#587)
  • strip leading separator(s) on section id if idprefix is blank (#551)
  • customized styling of toc placed inside body content (#507)
  • consolidate toc attribute so toc with or without toc-position can make sidebar toc (#618)
  • properly style floating images (inline & block) (#460)
  • add float attribute to inline images (#616)
  • use ul list for TOC in HTML5 backend (#431)
  • support multiple terms per labeled list item in model (#532)
  • added role?, has_role?, option? and roles methods to AbstractNode (#423, 474)
  • added captioned_title method to AbstractBlock
  • honor showtitle attribute as alternate to notitle! (#457)
  • strip leading indent from literal paragraph blocks assigned the style normal
  • only process lines in AsciiDoc files
  • emit message that tilt gem is required to use custom backends if missing (#433)
  • use attributes for version and last updated messages in footer (#596)
  • added a basic template cache (#438)
  • include line info in several of the warnings (for lists and tables)
  • print warning/error messages using warn (#556)
  • lines are not preprocessed when peeking ahead for section underline
  • introduced Cursor object to track line info
  • fixed table valign classes, no underline on image link
  • removed dependency on pending library, lock Nokogiri version to 1.5.10
  • removed require rubygems line in asciidoctor.rb, add to cli if RUBY_VERSION < 1.9
  • added tests for custom backends
  • added test that shorthand doesn't clobber explicit options (#481)
  • removed unnecessary monospace class from literal and listing blocks


Additional Info

Other Logs: release blog - issue resolved - full diff
Released On: 2013-09-05
Released By: @mojavelinux

latest releases: v2.0.16, v2.0.15, v2.0.14...
8 years ago