github asciidoctor/asciidoctor v0.1.3


This is a stable release of Asciidoctor. The focus of this release is on closing the gap for full AsciiDoc compliance and evolving the AsciiDoc syntax with additional shorthand, macros, output styling and Markdown compatibility.

This release is 10% faster than 0.1.2.

This is the first release that is available as a Debian package and an Ubuntu package.



  • added support for inline rendering by setting doctype to inline (#328)
  • added support for using font-based icons (#115)
  • honor haml/slim/jade-style shorthand for id and role attributes (#313)
  • support Markdown-style headings as section titles (#373)
  • support Markdown-style block quotes
  • added section level 5 (maps to h6 element in html5 backend) (#334)
  • added btn inline macro (#259)
  • added menu inline menu to identify a menu selection (@bleathem) (#173)
  • added kbd inline macro to identify a key or key combination (@bleathem) (#172)
  • support alternative quote forms (#196)
  • added indent attribute to verbatim blocks (#365)
  • added prettify source-highlighter (#202)
  • link section titles (#122)
  • introduce shorthand syntax for table format (#350)
  • parse attributes in link when use-link-attrs attribute is set (#214)
  • support preamble toc-placement (#295)
  • exclude attribute div if quote has no attribution (#309)
  • support attributes passed to API as string or string array (#289)
  • allow safe mode to be set using string, symbol or int in API (#290)
  • make level 0 section titles more prominent in TOC (#369)


  • ~ 99.5% compliance with AsciiDoc
  • drop line if target of include directive is blank (#376)
  • resolve attribute references in target of include directive (#367)
  • added irc scheme to link detection (#314)
  • toc should honor numbered attribute (#341)
  • added toc2 layout to default stylesheet (#285)
  • consecutive terms in labeled list share same entry (#315)
  • support set:name:value attribute syntax (#228)
  • block title not allowed above document title (#175)
  • assign caption even if no title (#321)
  • horizontal dlist layout in docbook backend (#298)
  • set doctitle attribute (#337)
  • allow any backend to be specified in cli (@lightguard) (#320)
  • support for abstract and partintro (#297)

Bug Fixes

  • fixed file path resolution on Windows (#330)
  • fixed bad variable name that was causing crash, add test for it (#335)
  • set proper encoding on input data (#308)
  • don't leak doctitle into nested document (#382)
  • handle author(s) defined using attributes (#301)


  • added tests for all special sections (#80)
  • added test for attributes defined as string or string array (@lightguard) (#291)


Additional Info

Other Logs: release blog - issue resolved - full diff
Released On: 2013-05-30
Released By: @mojavelinux

latest releases: v2.0.16, v2.0.15, v2.0.14...
8 years ago