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This is a stable release of Asciidoctor. The focus of this release is contextual processing of an AsciiDoc document such that markup is not interpretted in places it shouldn't be. The release also brings support for fenced code blocks from GitHub-flavored Markdown.

This release is 15% faster than 0.1.0.

This is the first release that is available as a Fedora RPM.



  • migrated repository to asciidoctor organization on GitHub (#77)
  • include document title when header/footer disabled and notitle attribute is unset (#103)
  • honor GitHub-flavored Markdown fenced code blocks (#118)
  • added :doctype and :backend keys to options hash in API (#163)
  • added :to_dir option to the Asciidoctor#render API
  • added option :header_only to stop parsing after reading the header
  • preliminary line number tracking
  • auto-select backend sub-folder containing custom templates
  • rubygem-asciidoctor package now available in Fedora (#92)


  • refactor reader, process attribute entries and conditional blocks while parsing (#143)
  • support limited value comparison functionality of ifeval (#83)
  • added support for multiple attributes in ifdef and ifndef directives
  • don't attempt to embed image with uri reference when data-uri is set (#157)
  • accomodate trailing dot in author name (#156)
  • don't hardcode language attribute in html backend (#185)
  • removed language from DocBook root node (#188)
  • fixed revinfo line swallowing attribute entry
  • auto-generate caption for listing blocks if listing-caption attribute is set
  • support nested includes
  • support literal and listing paragraphs
  • support em dash shorthand at the end of a line
  • added ftp support to link inline macro
  • added support for the page break block macro

Bug Fixes

  • pass through image with uri reference when data-uri is set (#157)
  • print message for failed arg (#152)
  • normalize whitespace at the end of lines (improved)
  • properly load custom templates and required libraries


  • parse document header in distinct parsing step
  • moved hardcoded english captions to attributes


Additional Info

Other Logs: issue resolved - full diff
Released On: 2013-02-26
Released By: @erebor

latest releases: v2.0.16, v2.0.15, v2.0.14...
8 years ago