github asciidoctor/asciidoctor v0.1.0


This is the first stable release of Asciidoctor. The focus of this release is compliance with the AsciiDoc syntax and the behavior of the Python-based AsciiDoc processor. It also introduces a public API.



  • introduced Asciidoctor API (Asciidoctor#load and Asciidoctor#render methods) (#34)
  • added SERVER safe mode level (minimum recommended security for serverside usage) (#93)
  • added the asciidoctor commandline interface (cli)
  • added asciidoctor-safe command, enables safe mode by default
  • added man page for the asciidoctor command
  • use blockquote tag for quote block content (#124)
  • added hardbreaks option to preserve line breaks in paragraph text (#119)
  • :header_footer option defaults to false when using the API, unless rendering to file
  • added idseparator attribute to customized separator used in generated section ids
  • do not number special sections (differs from AsciiDoc)


  • use callout icons if icons are enabled, unless safe mode is SECURE
  • added support for name=value@ attribute syntax passed via cli (#97)
  • attr refs no longer case sensitive (#109)
  • fixed several cases of incorrect list handling
  • don't allow links to consume endlines or surrounding angled brackets
  • recognize single quote in author name
  • support horizontal labeled list style
  • added support for the 'd' cell style
  • added support for bibliography anchors
  • added support for special sections (e.g., appendix)
  • added support for index term inline macros
  • added support for footnote and footnoteref inline macros
  • added auto-generated numbered captions for figures, tables and examples
  • added counter inline macros
  • added support for floating (discrete) section titles

Bug Fixes

  • fixed UTF-8 encoding issue by adding magic encoding line to ERB templates (#144)
  • resolved Windows compatibility issues
  • clean CRLF from end of lines (#125)
  • enabled warnings when running tests, fixed warnings (#69)


  • renamed iconstype attribute to icontype

Additional Info

Distributions: RubyGem (asciidoctor)
Other Logs: release blog - issue resolved - full diff
Released On: 2013-02-04
Released By: @erebor

latest releases: v2.0.16, v2.0.15, v2.0.14...
8 years ago