github artsyfriedchicken/EdgyArc-fr v1.0.0-beta.7

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4 months ago
  • Cleaned up code
    • Fixed sidebery css bug - dragging tabs would indicate incorrect drop location
    • fixed sidebery css bug - pinned tabs misaligned
    • Added feature - Show a styled sidebar header > true
    • Added feature - Turn all web extension icons greyscale when not hovered > true
    • Css tweak - Toolbar background images now fade away at the bottom so it doesnt look jarring
    • Css fix - show custom private window badge when tabbar is hidden
    • Css fix - fixed margins and paddings of buttons inside the urlbar
    • bug fix - extension dropdown sheets inside the urlbar now show properly when urlbar is not hovered

Full Changelog: v1.0.0-beta.6...v1.0.0-beta.7

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