github articulate/terraform-provider-okta v3.0.4

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5 years ago


9aeb80a Merge pull request #205 from articulate/bugfix/allow-setting-of-client-secret
2c53c3c Fix authMethod check and add attribute test check
08c9311 Merge pull request #196 from articulate/bugfix/support-all-schema-types
26774ec Add client_basic_secret option for setting basic secret
c322d25 Update changelog
38f6c32 Change custom_profile_attributes to JSON
722ff32 Merge pull request #204 from articulate/feature/saml-app
1375a7c Update test names to make more sense
6799384 Add documentation for new resources
e38dee5 Add SAML app data source
4a8bc6c Add SAML app metadata
655de8b Merge pull request #203 from articulate/feature/idp_saml_metadata
643cc67 Fix group attr statement
14111d7 tf fmt
9982b4a Fix attr statement field name
cc86ea6 Add SAML IDP Metadata data source
b8e829c More properly name example files
fbf0dc1 Merge branch 'master' into bugfix/support-all-schema-types
17e246a Remove debug log lines
54fceaa Support all schema types in user resource

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