github articulate/terraform-provider-okta v3.0.18

latest releases: v3.0.38, v3.0.37, v3.0.36...
4 years ago


e407627 Merge pull request #251 from articulate/remove-encrypted-env-vars
1cc44b2 Go fmt
98cd589 Update changelog
1385c7f Merge pull request #252 from jlew/fix_idp_saml_audience
c43fdc4 Remove non-acceptance test that run against real org
31632a8 Supply the audience so that updates do not change the audience
26f9f4a v3.0.18
b00ce59 Remove encrypted env vars for forked builds
6244de0 Merge pull request #250 from jlew/allow_sha1
98cf516 Add SHA-1 as a valid algorithm

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