github arp242/uni v2.0.0

This changes some flags, semantics, and defaults in incompatible ways, hence the bump to 2.0. If you use the dmenu-uni script with dmenu or fzf, then you'll need to update that to.

  • Remove the -group flag in favour of group:name syntax; this is more flexible and will allow adding more query syntax later.

    uni emoji -group groupname,othergroup Old syntax
    uni emoji -group groupname,othergroup smile Old syntax

    uni emoji -or group:groupname group:othergroup New syntax
    uni emoji -or group:groupname group:othergroup smile New syntax

    uni emoji -or g:groupname g:othergroup Can use shorter g: instead of group:

  • Default for -gender is now person instead of all; including all genders by default isn't all that useful, and the gender-neutral "person" should be a fine default for most, just as the skin colour-neutral "yellow" is probably a
    fine default for most.

  • Add new -or/-o flag. The default for search and emoji is to show everything where all query parameters match ("AND"); with this flag it shows everything where at least one parameter matches ("OR").

  • Add new -format/-f flag to control which columns to output and column width. You can now also print X11 keysyms and Vim digraphs. See uni help for details.

  • Include CLDR data for emojis, which is searched by default if you use uni e <something>. You can use uni e name:x to search for the name specifically.

  • Show a short terse help when using just uni, and a more detailed help on uni help. I hate it when programs print 5 pages of text to my terminal when I didn't ask for it.

  • Update Unicode data to 13.1.

  • Add option to output to $PAGER with -p or -pager. This isn't done automatically (I don't really like it when programs throw me in a pager), but you can define a shell alias (alias uni='uni -p') if you want it by default since flags can be both before or after the command.

13 days ago