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Seal Report 7.2

2 months ago

New Features 7.2:

  • New 'Card' view to display a model values in card.
  • New 'Container Grid Flex' view to use the CSS Grid and Flex layout.
  • Model Reference: A model can have a reference model to share elements and restrictions.
  • New Model property: 'Use SELECT DISTINCT'
  • New aggregate 'Count Distinct'
  • 'Tab Control' and 'Model' views: New parameter 'Show number of records' to display the number of records in the page title.
  • The 'Server Pagination Enabled' parameter can be configured by 'Model' view.
  • JavaScript Libraries Update:
    Bootstrap 3 3.3.7, jQuery 3 3.7.0, DataTables 1.13.7, Buttons 2.4.2, FixedColumns 4.3.0, FixedHeader 3.4.0, Responsive 2.5.0, Scroller 2.3.0, Select 1.7.0

Issues addressed in 7.2:

208 Folders of File Server Devices (FTP, SCP, SFTP) are not correctly displayed.
209 Password of File Server Devices (FTP, SCP, SFTP) cannot be saved.

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