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Seal Report 7.0

2 months ago

New Features 7.0:

  • .Net 7
  • Report Designer: The Report Viewer uses Edge Chromium instead of Internet Explorer (IE).
  • Server configuration: New 'Repository Translations Script' to load dynamically
    the translations from a database or another source.
  • Server configuration: 'Alternate Temp Directory' to specify another Temp directory
    used for compilation and report generation.
  • All repository translation instances may use wild char * to ease the matching:
    '*Shipping.Ship Postal Code' for Ends with 'Shipping.Ship Postal Code'
    '*Order Detail.srex' for Ends With 'Order Detail.srex'
    '\Samples*' for Starts With '\Samples'
    'Samples' for Contains '\Samples'
    ' for any value
  • JavaScript Libraries Update:
    jQuery 3.6.0, Bootstrap 3.3.7, DataTables 1.13.4, Buttons 2.3.6, FixedColumns 4.2.2, FixedHeader 3.3.2, Responsive 2.4.1, Scroller 2.1.1

The release requires the installation of Microsoft Edge WebView2 from

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