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Seal Report 6.9.2

latest releases: v7.0, v6.9.3
6 months ago

New Features 6.9.1:

  • Rework of the default CSS Classes cell-numeric, cell-datetime, etc.

New Features 6.9:

  • Report View: New property 'Enabled' to disable parsing of a Report View.
  • Table Column: New property 'Css Styles' for columns and report elements to control the Css Styles applied to the result cell.
  • Report Task: New property 'SQL Separator' to execute several SQL in one task.
  • Server configuration contains new options for managing encryption keys storage and a collection to store
    application keys and passwords.
    The keys may be stored in a local RSA Container of the computer (Windows only).
  • New task template 'Load XML to Database'
  • Web Report Server: new flag "HideLoginPassword" in appsettings.json to hide Login/Password fields of the login dialog window.

Issues addressed in 6.9.2:

201 Fix on Date Format for Oracle connection.

Issues addressed in 6.9.1:

199 Report: The Init Script is executed twice when a report is executed.
200 Report Task: Setting a retry causes the task to be re-executed several times.

Issues addressed in 6.9:

  • 198 Email Device: The attachment name is empty for report result in Excel or PDF format.

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