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Seal Report 6.8

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8 months ago

New Features 6.8:

  • New Report Task Templates with custom scripts and parameters.
    Several templates located in the 'Sources\TaskTemplates' repository folder are available to perform basic operations (Load tables in database, Execute reports) in multi-thread tasks (Loop, Parallel)
  • New Task properties to handle retries in case of error.
  • Sub-Report: the popup text shows also the current cell value.
  • Server Manager configuration: New 'Web CSS Files' and 'Web JavaScript Files' properties to
    include CSS or JS files in the Web Report Server application.
  • Server Manager configuration: New 'Help Link' property to add a help link in the Web Report Server.

Issues addressed in 6.8:

  • 195 Report Designer: Restrictions are lost when using 'Reset to Default value' for the Operator.
  • 197 Report Designer: After a reload, the model elements are not synchronized with the Tree View.

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