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Seal Report 6.7

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11 months ago

New Features 6.7:

  • Two-Factor Authentication: 2 new scripts are available in the Security Provider to generate and send the
    security code by email (using SMTP or SendGrid) or by SMS (using Twilio client) and then to check it.
  • Implementation of Gauge component: Check Sample Report "05-Gauges"
  • Startup Reports can be used to control the Web Report Server interface after a user login (e.g. having a dedicated Welcome screen),
    Check Sample Reports "40-Startup Report" and "41-Startup Folder"
  • The profile parameter 'Execution mode' is also used for Drill and Sub-Report navigation (New window by default or not).
  • The "information_button" view parameter has moved to "information_mode" (enabled, enabledshown, disabled).

Issues addressed in 6.7:

  • 187 Wild char does not work on translations of context 'FolderName'
  • 188 When editing a model with the Report Designer, elements are not translated in the treeview and panels.
  • 189 SendGrid Email device cannot be used for email notification.
  • 190 Error may occur when browsing folders in the Web Report Server:
    The process cannot access the file '_Profile.xml' because it is being used by another process.
  • 191 Unexpected exception got when using SMTP Device with HTML attached: 'The specified content type is invalid'
  • 192 SQL Model: modifying the SQL does not change the elements proposed in the treeView without a refresh.

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