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Seal Report 6.6.1

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2 years ago

New Features 6.6.1:

  • Local Temporary directories is always preferred than C:\Windows\Temp.
  • Small fixes on the distribution.
  • Update of Nuget packages.
  • New configuration "MaxWorkingSet" in appsettings.json to limit process memory.

New Features 6.6:

  • .Net 6
  • Security Logins used by the 'Basic Authentication' Security Provider.
  • Email Device: In addition to SMTP, support of SendGrid Client.
  • Report Designer: New option 'Empty if repeated' to empty duplicate values in the table.
  • New property 'Css Classes' for columns and report elements to control the Css Classes applied to the result cell.
  • New restriction operators: 'Contains any', 'Contains all', 'Does not contain any', 'Does not contain all'.
  • Server Manager Tools: New options to export/import objects from an Excel file to ease mass updates.
  • Translations files can also be provided in Excel format (.xlsx instead of .csv).
  • For translations having Context: ReportDisplayName, ReportViewName, ReportGeneral, ReportOutputName, FileName,
    wild char * can be used to ease the matching of the Instance field:
    '*Order Detail.srex' for Ends With '*Order Detail.srex'
    '\Samples\*' for Starts With '\Samples\'
    '*Samples*' for Contains 'Samples'
    '*' for any value
  • Seal Report Scheduler:
    New Server Configuration options: Report Scheduler Mode, Run in Outer Process.

Migration Issues

The \Web distribution folder has been renamed to \Core and contains now the SealTaskScheduler.exe application.
Check the new Server Configuration options for the Scheduler.

For existing schedules using the Windows Task Scheduler:
Run the Server Manager in Administrator mode, then use the menu 'Tools->Synchronize report schedules...'

Check the schedules:
Run the Windows Task Scheduler, and check the tasks defined for Seal Report:
Edit properties, Tab Action, check that 'Program/script' and 'Start in' path have the \core sub-folder.
(e.g. 'C:\Program Files\Seal Report\SealTaskScheduler.exe' to 'C:\Program Files\Seal Report\core\SealTaskScheduler.exe')

Edit 'core\appsettings.json' and update the RepositoryPath if necessary.

Issues Addressed in 6.6.1:

  • 186 SendGrid Email device may not work.

Issues Addressed in 6.6:

  • 184 TaskDatabaseHelper methods do not work for Oracle.ManagedDataAccess.Client connections.

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