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Seal Report 6.5.3

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20 months ago

New Features 6.5:

  • .Net 5: New architecture, New components.
  • Support of Mongo DB as LINQ Table: Dynamic generation of stages.
  • New MySQL connection type: MySQL.Data (#55)
  • New MS SQLServer connection type: Microsoft.Data.SqlClient.SqlConnection
  • New parameter 'Color mappings' in the chart templates to specify the colors for each value.
  • New 'Execution Mode' property in Security Groups and User Profile to execute reports in a new Window by default.
  • User Profile: Default data source connections can be defined to allow execution on different connections.
  • XML Serialization of entities (Reports, Sources, etc.) keeps a readable format.
  • Server configuration: New property 'Web Session Init Script' to execute a script when a Web Session is started.
  • Server configuration: New property 'Use host name to define the Personal Folder name' to allow
    multiple Web sites on the same installation.
  • Server Manager Tools: New menu to import object from another Data Source file.
  • Report Designer and Server Manager: Support of shortcut keys in the Tree view (ctrl+up, ctrl+down, del, etc.),
    Drag & Drop is allowed for table columns.

New Features 6.5.1:

  • Support of native Oracle connection: Oracle.ManagedDataAccess.Client
  • New 'Connection Script' to initialize and open the connection.

New Features 6.5.3:

  • Fix MySql.Data 8.0.25 (#65)
  • OpenId Authentication (#63 and #64)

Migration Check List:

  • Personal Folders have now simplified names with no hash code suffix.
    Remove the _ suffix of all Personal Folders located in Repository folder SpecialFolders\Personal (e.g. 'john_12344' becomes 'john')

Issues Addressed in 6.5.3:

  • 183 Execution of an output having HTML format on an EMail Device may have an incorrect display result.

Issues Addressed in 6.5.2:

  • 182 The SealSchedulerService does not start properly.

Issues Addressed in 6.5.1:

  • 181 Invalid distribution of SealTaskScheduler in the setup.

Issues Addressed in 6.5:

  • 170: ChartJS: Secondary axis does not work for horizontal bars.
  • 171: Sorting tables with Sub-totals may cause an unexpected exception.
  • 172: Web Report Server: Folder view has blank padding after executing a report with a Print HTML View.
  • 173: The View property 'Use model name' is always reset to false when the report is loaded.
  • 174: Editing custom restrictions for a report output may raise an exception.
  • 177 LINQ Joins may not work if more than 2 tables are involved.
  • 178 Reports are displayed in the Web Menu even if the 'Show in the Web Menu' is set to False.
  • 179 Columns generation for SQL Model does not use the Connection specified in the model.

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