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Seal Report 6.1

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2 years ago


  • Web Report Server: New main multi-level menu to execute the reports.
    A dedicated 'Menu Script' can be used to customize the menu.
    The menu includes the recent reports executed.
  • Web Report Server: Reports can be executed either within the application or on a new window.
  • Dashboards have moved to reports.
    A new Widget View can be used to keep the previous look and functionalities.
  • New Report Model View parameter 'Navigation Drill View' to execute the drill navigation using another root view.
  • User profile: Startup options can be configured to execute a report.
  • Enumerated list can have different values per connection.

Migration Check List:

  • Dashboards do not exist anymore and have moved to reports.
    If you want to convert your Dashboards to Reports, please use the asset 'Convert Dashboards to'
  • Web Report Server: 'PreLoad' option does not exist anymore.
  • Restrictions View: 'New window: View to execute' has been moved to a parameter
  • Rework of 'Folders Script' and 'Folder Detail Script'
  • The 'Model Container' view template has been replaced by 'Container'

Issues Addressed in 6.1:

  • 157: 'Smart Copy' on report models may not work.
  • 165: Pre Load Script are not executed in Sub-Models of a LINQ model.
  • 166: Using a 'Smart Copy' from a restriction may corrupt the restriction text.
  • 167: Enumerated lists dynamically loaded and refreshed before execution do not show values.
  • 168: Web Report Server: The Reports Search does not used translated names.
  • 169: View parameters 'Drill enabled' and 'Sub-Reports enabled' do not work in Model Views.

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