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Seal Report 6.0

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2 years ago


  • LINQ Data Sources and LINQ Models to support join and query between any Data Sources (SQL, Excel, XML, OLAP Cube, HTTP JSon, etc.)
    Full rework of the execution engine.
  • New Restrictions View Template to allow input restriction in any part of the report and in dashboard widgets.
  • Chart JS: Integration of the labels plugin (
  • .Net Framework 4.7.2
  • Thr Setup file is only for the 64 bit distribution.
  • New properties for a report restriction:
    'Operator style': visible, visible with Nulls, visible not modifiable, not visible.
    'First selection' for enumerated values: 'Select All', Select First', 'Select Last'
    'Enum Layout': Select with filter, Select without filter, Radio or checkbox
    'Trigger on change'
  • New property for a report element:
    'Show all enum values' to force all enumerated list values in the result tables.
    'Contains HTML' to indicate that the values contain HTML tags.
  • Enumerated lists can be loaded or updated from a razor script.
  • New Security Scripts for each user group: 'Folders Script', 'Folder Detail Script' and 'Dashboards Script' to modify the default Web security.
  • Server Configuration: New property 'Web Cultures' to select the list of cultures proposed in the Web Report Server.
    By default, the translation cultures installed in the repository are proposed.
  • 'Custom Enumerated List' for element and restriction: New option to Clear the current enumerated list.
  • Personal or Default Dashboard View can be defined in the user security group .
  • Dashboard export with the following format: Html Print, Pdf, Excel
  • Security Robustness against Stored Cross Site Scripting XSS, Directory Traversal and Server Side Request Forgery SSRF attacks.
  • NetCore Web Report Server: SQL Server Session (#46)
  • NetCore Web Report Server: Adding configuration to be able to modify the Path Base when you use a Reverse Proxy (#47)

Migration Check List:

  • Seal Web Interface (SWI): Parameter use_default_restrictions in SWExecuteReportToResult() is not used anymore.
    If the operator of a restriction is not specified, the default values are kept.
  • Restriction Flag 'Can change operator' does not exist anymore, use 'Operator style' instead.
  • Dynamic Enumerated List: Review all enumerated list with Filter Characters is default to 0 instead of 2.
  • Seal Report Licenses files (*.slc) must be moved to the Settings folder of the Repository.
  • Seal Report Converter Assemblies (*.dll) are now located in the Assemblies and Assemblies/NETCore folders of the Repository.
  • Set element property 'Contains HTML' to True to element having values containing HTML tags.

Issues Addressed in 6.0:

  • 158: Dashboard: Refresh on dashboard widget may not force a new execution.
  • 159: Dashboard: For a DataTables, the plus button in responsive mode does not work in widget.
  • 160: From the Web Report Server, drill navigation occurs using the default report execution view instead of the current execution view.
  • 161: Dashboard: The default User Dashboards View is saved for all users.
  • 162: Schedule by email may fail when several ouputs of the same report are scheduled at the same time.
  • 163: Automatic sort orders may be incorrect if more than 10 elements are displayed in a report.
  • 164: Report output on folder cannot be cancelled: The result file is always generated.

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