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Seal Report 5.5

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3 years ago


  • .NETCore 3.1 Project and Distribution of the Web Report Server.
  • New Seal Report Scheduler component to schedule reports from the Web Report Server, a Windows Service or a NETCore Worker Service instead of the Windows Task Scheduler.
    When active (Property 'Use Web Report Server Scheduler' set to true in the Seal Server Configuration), schedules are saved in a dedicated SpecialFolders\Schedules repository folder.
    The Seal Report Scheduler can be used for .NETCore or Azure deployment.
  • New File Server output device to generate reports on server using FTP, FTPS, SFTP, SCP protocols.
  • The zip options are available for all output devices.
  • The Repository Logs directory contains 3 types of log files for executions, events and schedules.
  • Audit has been enhanced to log files (including reports), folders and dashboards management (create, save, move, copy, delete, etc.)
    The default Audit database table columns and script have been updated.
  • New System Dashboard and Reports to check the last errors, schedules and sessions of the Web Report Server.
    Check 'System' dashboard.
  • MetaConnection: New properties 'Connection Type', 'ODBC Connection String' and 'MS SQLServer Connection String'
    to choose the database connection used (OlebConnection, OdbcConnection or SqlConnection).
  • Common Scripts (Configuration and Report) are included in the PDF or Excel Converter scripts.
  • Tasks with step 'Models generated, before rendering' are also executed when viewing a report result.
  • New property 'Report Navigation Script' to be used with Report.GetReportNavigationFileDownloadLink() and Report.GetReportNavigationScriptLink()
    to get custom file or content from the server.
    Check full sample '17-Custom buttons and report navigation'
  • New ResultCell methods: AddNavigationNewReportExecution(), AddNavigationReportExecution() to execute a report from a table cell.
    Check full sample '15-Custom buttons and report navigation'
  • PDF Converter: Update to version 15.0, native support of the Table of Contents.
  • Data report element: New advanced property 'Set empty cell to zero' to init empty table cells to 0.
  • KPI template: Button colors and icons options can be also be based on the measure value (not only trend).
  • Dashboard Widget: A report and view can be selected to be executed from the Widget title.
  • Charts: Minimum and maximum values can be specified for chart axis.
  • Report model: new properties 'Execution Set' and 'Share Result Table' to control the load of the models during execution.
  • Tasks can contain script to control model load (result table and result pages).
    Check sample text in Task: 'Load a report model Result Table and/or build its Result Pages'
  • Publication of SealReportLibrary.Net and SealReportLibrary.NETCore NuGet packages.

Migration Check List:

  • PDF Converter: In custom scripts, the Class Winnovative.PdfConverter has been moved to Winnovative.HtmlToPdfConverter.
  • Report tasks: the TaskDatabaseHelper methods ExecuteNonQuery(), ExecuteScalar() and LoadDataTable() have a new parameter for the ConnectionType.
  • Report Navigation: rights to execute the destination report are checked if the report is not located in the SubReports repository folder.
  • OutputDevice class: 'EmailZipAttachments' has been renamed to 'ZipResult' and 'EmailZipPassword' to 'ZipPassword'
  • Audit script: The default Audit database table columns and script have been updated.

Issues Addressed in 5.5:

  • 152: Sub-totals are not displayed when first line of data contains null (#37)
  • 153: Widget overflows are incorrect in the dashboard.
  • 154: CTE Expression may not work in table definition.
  • 155: Drag and Drop to reorder Dashboards does not work.

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