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Seal Report 5.1.2

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3 years ago


  • Report Task: A new property 'Execution Step' allows to execute the task after the models generation,
    before the output execution or at the end report execution.
  • New reports published in the '\System' repository folder: 'Security Summary', 'Report Inventory', 'Audit', etc.
  • Report Designer: Several properties (like 'Display Name', 'Current View', etc.) have been moved to a specific 'General' tree view node.
  • Audit Script: The configuration contains an 'Audit Script' called when following events occurred: Login, Logout, Report Execution.
    The setup includes an 'Audit' Access database with the related data source and reports.
    Check report 'System\Audit Search.srex'.
  • Web Report Server: A PreLoad process allows to speed the start up of the application (the feature can be can be disabled with the PreLoad flag in Web.Config).
    The process compiles all view templates and executes the reports involved in Dashboards.
  • Web Report Server: By default parent folders with no rights are hidden.
    A new property 'Show all folders' in the Security Group can be set to 'true' to force the previous behavior.
  • For each result cell, new navigation links for HyperLink or FileDownload can be defined.
    The file download process can be implemented in the cell 'Navigation Script' property.
    Check new samples '14-Images - File Download' and '42-No SQL Source - File Download'.
  • Navigation is active in Dashboard Widgets (Subreports, Drill, File Download and Hyperlink).
  • Report View: New property 'Reference View' to get default values from another view for parameters and template texts.
  • Setup: The Repository directory can be chosen at the first installation.
  • Restriction: New advanced property 'Display Order' to sort the prompted restrictions.
  • Server common scripts must be included using an @include("<script name>") directive.
  • Authentication with token for the Seal Web Interface:
    SWI with JWT authentication and other improvements. Refer to #25.
    SWILogin has a token parameter which is stored in the SecurityUser (as well as the Http Request) and can be used in the Security Provider Script.
    Check sample script in JWT security provider.
  • SWI: For report execution, new parameter 'use_default_restrictions' to force the use of the default values for custom restrictions not specified.
  • Prompt type: new option 'Prompt only two values' (e.g. prompt a date range in an input restriction).
  • Drill navigation: New property 'Navigation: Drill all elements of the hierarchy' to allow applied navigation to all elements involved in the hierarchy.
    e.g. When drilling up from day to month, 'Day' is replaced by 'Month' and 'Month' (if it exists) by 'Year' in the same model.
    e.g. When drilling down from month to day, 'Month' is replaced by 'Day' and 'Month' (if it exists) by 'Year' in the same model.
  • '@using Seal.Model' and '@using Seal.Helpers' are automatically added to any razor scripts if necessary.
  • Root view: new option in 'Display: Execution messages' to show messages only during execution.
  • Dashboard Widget: The root execution view can be specified to execute the report from the Widget title.
  • Sub-reports can be made from a Non-Prompted restriction. The 'Add an existing Sub-Report' helper allows to choose the restrictions to include in the link.
  • JavaScript upgrade to Data Tables 1.10.20, JQuery 3.3.1, ChartJS v2.9.3
    The following Data Tables Extensions are included: Fixed Columns, Fixed Headers and Scroller with their related properties in the DataTables view template (Check samples 06).
    Check for more information.
  • Spanish Translations (Thanks to Jorge Torres)


  • Support of the server pagination for Data Tables in the Dashboard Widgets.

Migration Check List:

  • Task Scripts (for report and server configuration) do not exist anymore, copy the previous code into Common Scripts.
  • Include the Server Common Scripts into your scripts using the @ Include("<script name>") directive.
  • Seal Web Interface consistency: some properties have been renamed in lower case (dashboardfolders, managedashboards, usertag, isreport, displayname).
  • Seal Converter: SealPdfConverter and SealExcelConcerter namespaces have been renamed to Seal.Converter
    Check your existing scripts and replace 'SealPdfConverter' by 'Seal.Converter' and 'SealExcelConverter' by 'Seal.Converter'
  • Drill behavior: By default 'Navigation: Drill all elements of the hierarchy' is set to true.
  • Dashboard Widget: Set the execution view when required.

Issues addressed in 5.1:

  • 122: Chart JS is incorrect when the axis is a date time with a general format.
  • 132: Viewing the history in the Windows Task Scheduler does not work.
  • 133: Web Report Server: Copy/Paste may not work on files or reports having a dot in their name.
  • 134: Web Report Server: Copy is not enabled if the file is not on the first page of the files table.
  • 136: In charts, date time axis with long format are not translated.
  • 137: Navigation menu is not shown for data tables with no Server Pagination.
  • 138: Chart: If the sort is not specified for the axis, the chart is incorrect in the Web Report Server.
  • 139: Chart: If the sort is not specified for a serie element, the serie order may be incorrect.
  • 140: Enum dependencies do not work if the report has several models.
  • 141: View container templates may have incorrect margins (tag div class="container" was missing).
  • 142: Seal Web Interface: Executing report with custom restriction values may cause an unexpected exception.
  • 143: Data Table View: The option 'Invert data table' does not work.

Issues addressed in 5.1.1:

  • 145: After a drill navigation, restrictions of the root report are reset to the first re-execution values.
  • 146: Windows basic or integrated authentication: the groups evaluated over the AD are not searched recursively (groups contained in group).
  • 147: Data Tables: if the option 'Columns to hide' is used, the sort may not work.
  • 148: The Dashboard Manager does not allow to add Widgets.
  • 149: Data Tables Template: Parameter 'Table CSS' Style is not editable.
  • 150: Web Report Designer cannot create new SQL reports.
  • 151: Common restriction or value SQL results have additional parenthesis and may not work (e.g. in stored procedures).

Issues addressed in 5.1.2:

  • 152: Data Tables: The responsive button does not show the line detail.

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